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Q: How important is my entertainment to my wedding reception?

A: The higher the importance, the more you should invest in your entertainment. There is a big fallacy of thinking that a DJ is "just music." A professional Wedding DJ also acts as Master of Ceremonies and will have the right tone, demeanor and style to match your wedding. Your DJ will also coordinate the formal dances and special activities you'd like to incorporate into your reception, doing all of this with a touch of class and a bit of humor. Your DJ will care about the success of your event as much as (or more than) you do.

Q: Do you have a video you can send us?

A: We do not have a demo tape or video to send you. For the main reason that the video would only show the style or taste of that particular bride and groom, and if you don’t like their selections then you may not hire us because of what you see on the video. In addition, most wedding videos are edited and would lack the information that you would most likely want to see, in particular, us in action. 

Q: Can we come see you play at a wedding?

A: Not only is inviting outsiders to watch us at someone’s wedding inappropriate, it is highly unprofessional. You would not want uninvited guests to your wedding and we would never do business like that. We do have references you can call and more assuring we can meet with you in person to allay any fears you have about hiring a wedding DJ. Our experience and personalities are usually enough to win over uneasy clients.

Q: Can you help us select songs for our special dances and formal activities?

A:  Yes. One of our jobs as a professional wedding DJ is to help brides and grooms choose the right music for their special and formal dances and reception activities.  With our knowledge and experience we can give you helpful tips and appropriate suggestions according to your taste and style.  We also have creative and unique ideas for those events that may be sometimes difficult to craft. It is also our responsibility to maintain non-stop music and entertainment to help create the desired atmosphere from the arrival of your first guest to the very last dance.

Q: What if we want a song that you don’t have?

A:  We do have an extensive music library, but occasionally there are rare songs or cultural music that we do not have in our library. We have a variety of resources that we can get music from and it is not often that we are unable to get songs that we do not already have. If we do not have a song that you want, we will get it for you.

Q: Do you take requests?

A: We absolutely do take requests. Remember, your wedding is also a time for celebration for your family and friends. Including them in on your special day is a big part of your reception, but we will monitor the requests. If they request a song that is on your “do not play” list, or if we deem their choice inappropriate due to lyric content or contrasting to the flow of the dance beat, we will ask them for a second choice. We are very good at reading a crowd and can easily determine the right songs to keep the crowd dancing and avoid the songs that will clear the dance floor. 

Q: Can you provide music for my wedding ceremony?

A: Absolutely! We have provided music for many wedding ceremonies and have a large selection of traditional, classical and modern music selections. We can help you choose the right music for your ceremony whether it be a most elaborate marriage or the simplest of matrimonies. Our rate for ceremony music is $125 or $150 with the use of a lavalier microphone.

Q: What kind of equipment do you use? Do you have a back up system?

A: We have high end, state-of-the-art, professional DJ equipment. We are fully redundant, meaning that we have a back up system ready to go at all times.  We use top of the line wireless microphones and speakers and we keep our equipment well-tuned and maintained.


Q: Where are you located and how far do you travel?

A: We are located in Worcester, MA. We travel to most venues in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Northern Connecticut and Southern NH. For venues outside 50 miles from Worcester, a slight travel fee may be added.  

Q: Do you offer a free consultation?

A: Yes. We offer a free consultation meeting to discuss your wedding. We also include 1-2 pre-wedding planning meetings at your convenience.

Q: Are there any references I can contact about your services?

A: Yes. We can provide names and numbers of some of our past clients upon request.